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Speaking Your Truth

Not saying how we feel builds up and causes huge blocks in all we do.

Hidden resentments grow because we have believed it is “nicer” to make no waves with our Truth.

What really happens when we don’t tell others and ourselves what we truly feel is that we close doors to our happiness.

When we do not speak the Truth that is in our hearts and souls, we feel it as physical tension in different parts of our bodies – we literally are holding in the Truth, physically. We experience it manifested as frustration in our emotional lives. We feel it as energetic blocks in our auras. Not speaking our Truth holds us back from living our dreams and desires.

When we speak our Truth we start to notice our throats relaxing, our shoulders loosening, the tightness in the pits of our stomachs settling down. We feel the flow. We know the doors to our abundance open up, and our connection to love and joy are infinite.

Some of the ways in which we, Astra and ClareShale, are consciously speaking our truths nowadays:

  • During business meetings, we tell each other if our hearts feel something is not working or flowing correctly.
  • When making decisions, we ask our hearts what feels good. If it does not feel good or right in our hearts, we do not do it!

What are some ways in which you are speaking your Truth?

Sing it loud – from the Heart!


ClareShale Mountain Star

and Astra Spider






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