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My Soul’s Purpose – by ClareShale Mountain Star

My soul's purpose is to heal the earth.

Being in gratitude, spreading that wave across the human energy field

Through music writing singing dancing living laughing loving.

Joy Peace Truth Life Love Eternity

Front Side Back around in circles

from the deep blue ocean to the shimmery cloudy peaks...

Our earth our home

in all her splendor.

Being One with her expansive nature

and intricate working power.

My soul's purpose is to heal the earth

and live in full awareness of her gleam.

To uncover and unfold her gems

her sunshiny pearls,

to live and play in her waves.

My soul's purpose is to heal the earth,

let my consciousness expand

to encompass the entire earth and atmosphere -

then simply be present and make art.

I am part of the earth's consciousness.

She creates art through me.

This is how I am a part of her healing.

Every living thing - Plant Animal Mineral - unfolds with love

Art is created as a means to support this unfolding

Art holds the vibration of

Universal Love.

Treasure Digger

This week we find ourselves interested in burrowing within to find our hidden treasures – or uncovering even more of the treasures we already know are here!

It can feel challenging to acknowledge that we even have inner treasures or gifts to share.

Societal patterns have not been set up to be wholly supportive of humans as far as loving the Self, discovering our Gifts and putting them to use.

However, if looked at in the right way, this in and of itself has been a tremendous blessing; for, because of the seeming lack of support from structures outside ourselves, those of us in the process of opening to the treasures in our hearts find it necessary to rely on our inner strength, inner wisdom, and the knowledge that all we need is within.

We have become soul soldiers, warriors of the heart on a mission to open to all the love the Universe has to offer. And in so doing, we discover the funny news that has been here all along – we actually DO have all the support and Love we will ever need “outside” of ourselves as well as within – we always have – because the Universe is happy when we are happy. The Universe expands with delight as we discover our own!

The more of us who open our hearts, and the more we let our inner love shine through, the more we are channels for Universal Love to flow through, around and out in an endless flow.

And we can now look at the people and situations that seemed to stifle our self-esteem, our growth and our purpose – open our hearts – and Love these “external” forces with every fiber of our beings – Because now we know that they, too, are Love – as is All.

Astra Spider & ClareShale Mountain Star
Abundant Heart:
Breakthrough Transformation for Creative Professionals

“You Fill Up My Senses….”

Yesterday ClareShale and Astra had just begun their business meeting when suddenly Astra said: “I just can’t get “Annie’s Song” by John Denver out of my head – and I HAVE to listen to it!” She knew there was a reason the song was “stuck” in her head, besides the fact that it is pretty, so she logged on to Youtube and cranked out the tune.

As they sat in meditation and listened, centering their energies before the big three hour meeting, Astra let John’s vocals wash over her. She realized what it was she had been needing – and what it was John’s vocals brought! His voice was so CLEAR. And that is what was called for – clear energy.

Letting go of anything extraneous, being present in the moment. And really, isn’t that what all Art is about? Being present. Being present with creation energy. Clearing the path. Allowing. Stepping aside as the flow cascades in and through and out.

Taking a moment to connect with beautiful art in any form is a meditation in and of itself. A healing. In this way too, we connect with the artists themselves, their magic, their willingness to be a channel for Universal love and divine communication.

We can’t think of a more direct path to experience Oneness.

Art – creating it, connecting with it, enjoying it, Being it!

Oh Art, we love you.

“Like a sleepy blue ocean….”



Astra Spider & ClareShale Mountain Star

Abundant Heart: Breakthrough Transformation

for Creative Professionals


A Relaxed State of Abundance

Have you ever noticed that the harder you struggle, the harder it is to succeed?

This is true in many instances.

The more you focus on what you don’t have, the harder it is to get what you desire.

The more you think about how annoying your (co-workers, boss, in-laws, etc.) are, the harder it is to welcome them and accept that they are human just as you.

This illustrates that what is forced is not natural. That the way to open to the flow of the “good life” is by doing just that. Opening. Allowing. This is done from a relaxed state of knowing you already have everything you need.

Knowing that what you want, combined with a balance of relaxation and gentle movement forward, is the path to abundance.

Passion plus peace.

Excitement meets inner calm.

When we follow our dreams and allow the flow to take us towards our goals, we emit the energy of trust. Trust allows us to arrive at our destinations at an accelerated rate rather than feeling all the stops and starts and blocks that begin within our chattering minds and unrestful thoughts.

So what do you want to create today? Breathe your dream into your heart and ride your soul slowly down the river of abundance.


Astra Spider and ClareShale Mountain Star

Abundant Heart: Breakthrough Transformation for Creative Professionals





Uncover Your Brilliance

Do you know you are brilliant?

All humans are.

There is a reason each of us is here – we are all part of divine creation and therefore we also are all creators.

In fact, we are such talented creators that we are in a constant state of creating – even when we are doing nothing. When we are doing nothing, we are creating rest, or peace – and even in this state of so called No-Thing-ness, our physical bodies are healing, digesting, regenerating, and even reacting to any thoughts and feelings we have had.

Our energy is in constant creation of how it will react to our physical and emotional states.

Our physical and emotional states are in constant creation of how they are reacting to our Mind and its thought process or chatter.

Now – how brilliant is this already? WOW! You are amazing! You are a boundless endless ball of magical manifestation at every turn!

AND – think about this. What if you add into the mix (and many of you are!) a dose of consciousness and a few cups of awareness. You begin to see HOW you are creating. WHAT you are creating.

Maybe even WHY you have created what you have created.

When you bring your consciousness and awareness in to what you are currently creating, you can know, without a doubt, that you have the choice, always, to create what you WANT to create! This is the key that opens the door to dreams!

Just today Astra was walking along thinking to herself: “I really would like an occasional dog-sitting job, but my needs are very specific. It can’t get in the way of my regular schedule, and I want it to be within 4 blocks of my own home, for easy access, since I have 7 animal friends of my own to care for.”

In a short while, Astra was walking down the street just two blocks from her home, when she ran into a woman who lives in one of the beautiful homes on that block. It just so happens that the woman has the sweetest rescue dog, a family-friendly, drooly, huggy St. Bernard – and the woman is looking for an occasional dog sitter! Astra gave her a few Abundant Heart business cards, since they had her contact info – and now the woman is also interested in learning more about Abundant Heart services!

This is instant manifestation. This is Conscious Creation, filled with a dose of very specific intention. *Be VERY detailed in describing the outcome that you want, and be sure it is aligned with your heart’s desire (Astra always desires to hang out with cuddly dogs who are love incarnate!) – and there is no end to the Magical Manifesting that can take place!

You are brilliant. All humans are.

Now: What do you want to Create?

May we suggest: The Life of Your Dreams?


Astra and ClareShale


Stand Tall

“Help us to be the always hopeful

Gardeners of the spirit

Who know that without darkness

Nothing comes to birth

As without light

Nothing flowers.” 
~May Sarton, Invocation to Kali

The human impulse to create is fascinating. This impetus is present in children from the very beginning; the child begins to express it as soon as he/she is able to physically do so. We’ve all seen the charismatic young baby smiling and laughing to the delight of his adult companions, and the unique creations which arise from play-dough at the kitchen table. This creative force is an innate part of being human – and it comes directly from that place where the Heart and Soul meet; it is that same place from which we create our lives as they manifest out into the world.

As sensitive souls, creators have a tendency to absorb the thoughts and feelings of those around them – and even to unconsciously internalize thoughts and beliefs of their parents and the surrounding society. The creator places a high value on their unique perspective – on being able to express what is inside their hearts in a way that feels true and genuine. Becoming aware of and releasing internalized thoughts and beliefs from external sources is an important part of true expression.

What’s more – the act of creating and sharing, whether on stage, in a gallery or in a conference room, is an act of baring one’s heart and soul to the people whose job it is to evaluate and “judge” what is presented. While it is not fair or true to the real value of the human soul, it remains that there are still critics and bosses who professionally bring forth their opinion – and remember, it really is merely one person’s opinion! – to the stage, event or show. Remaining Present and “True to Self” in an environment like this takes deep amounts of courage and stamina. Creators on the path to success must face a bombardment of “no thank you, you’re not what we’re looking for,” and be able to move on undaunted.

In order to continue on in a career based in creation, and still keep all of you intact, functional and beyond that, happy, healthy and abundant, you must have your boundaries in working order. You must be neutral about external opinions, love yourself, and value your inner creator!

Here is a tool which can assist you in remaining in your power no matter what:

Visualization for Strong Boundaries

Take a moment for yourself – turn off the phone, close the door, allow your body to relax and your eyes to close. Watching your breath, let it guide you inside – into the sphere of your own body.

Imagine that with each breath, you take in bright, shining golden light. Allow the light to fill your body, starting in your chest and slowly filling all the rest – out to your fingers, toes and the top of your head.

Feel the light, with each breath, surrounding your body now – creating a sphere that holds your entire being within its boundaries.

If thoughts or distractions arise – simply release them with your next exhalation and bring your awareness back to the shining sphere enveloping every element of YOU.

Now picture – surrounding you – a boundary of some kind.  It can be a layer of color, a ring of fire, a stone wall, a circle of archers; whatever comes into your mind is the boundary for you.

Mentally scan the scene – How big is your perimeter? What colors and beings are supporting you there? Where are you, is it outside or inside?

Is there something other than you and your light within your sacred boundary?  If so, What is it?  What does it represent? What is needed to remove it from your perimeter?  Remove anything that does not belong.

When you feel complete, bring your awareness back to your breath and slowly back to your body and your surroundings. Take a moment to be present in gratitude for the time you have made for yourself.

Check in on this mental image as often as feels right.  Clearing your energetic field in this way on a regular basis is a great way to take care of yourself and your creativity.

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