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Getting Into Character

by ClareShale Mountain Star

Do you know what you want to be for Halloween this year? As I was going through possible ideas – “Fairy”, “Elf”, “Princess Leia” – I suddenly realized that I was missing out on this great opportunity to embody something super-transformational. Halloween is a precious moment in time when adults of all walks of life get together, have parties and look each other in the face dressed as pirates, vampires, bottles of mustard and all other forms of silliness. How awesome is that!?

Halloween is the way our culture celebrates the often unseen and overlooked corners of our collective psyche. It is how we pull what is hidden out into the light so it can be acknowledged, laughed at and released before the dark of winter really does descend…all around…for months…and months (read: Chicago winter).

I wondered…what was deep inside me waiting to be embodied? Would dressing as a Fairy be the most transformational and beneficial thing I could do this year? This is, after all, my opportunity to delve deeply into my soul and air out the dankness in the cellar of my spirit – right?

I decided right then and there to go on a shamanic journey in to my own heart, soul and whole self with the intention of finding out what would be my most beneficial Halloween costume. Let me just say, what I discovered was quite surprising and felt really great. I can’t wait to embody “Ezekiel the Chimpanzee Goddess” this year. Wow – I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to pull it off, but I know there will be fake hair and face paint involved…also something sparkly.

Because I want to support you in finding the Halloween costume of your own soul, I recorded the journey for you here!… http://audioboo.fm/boos/520260-halloween-costume-journey It’s totally free and under five minutes in length. If you do the journey I’d love to hear how it goes for you and what you discover, so feel free to send me a note at clareshale@abundantheartliving.com.

Happy Halloween!


Spider Meditation

Many of you know of Astra’s Spider medicine. This week she is moved to share a quick Spider Meditation with you all – a meditation of Creation.

Sit in a relaxed position, breathing in and out comfortably and evenly. Visualize or feel yourself creating your Golden Web around you, with you in the center. Ask your heart – “What do I want to create in my life?” Receive your answer.

Request of your heart: “Please show me the symbol that represents this new creation.”

See/feel/experience this symbol. When you have the symbol, bring it in to your Golden Web. Wrap it up with your Golden Thread to keep it safe in your web. Know that the seed of your Creation has been planted, and you need only relax and let it unfold in its perfect time.

Do, Be, Do, Be, Do

words comin’ atcha from Astra


Sleep, wake, eat, work, sleep.


What if we replace that with:

Dream, enliven, enjoy, engage, dream….


Mmmm, those words really give me something to chew on! 🙂


Lately I have been working with the power of Balance – Being and Doing – and today, the impetus of Action is coming through!

What have you been dreaming? Are you now creating it? Is it ready for enjoying? Does it engage you and others? Is it finally out of you and in the world? Are you ready to dream again…Allowing your Self to simply Be once more….

Or are you sleeping? Just sleeping…your pillow over your head…attached to your bed…staying “safe” in your head…. (ACK! Not the HEAD!!)

What are you ready to push out of your head, to make room for creation….And where can you clear the cobwebs from? What can you put on those shelves instead?


Dream, enliven, enjoy, engage….


How’s your cocoon….

What’s YOUR Stage?

Bring it on stage!


Share, we’d love to hear –


Write us here….



May we dream more, together!

DREAM ON…. 🙂 (And Rock On!)


Astra Spider

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