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Thank You All, So Much! From Astra

Hello all – Astra here!
I just wanted to let you know, I am stepping away from my role at Abundant Heart Center to give my energy to my new business, EMERGE: Embrace Your Truth.
Abundant Heart has been a very necessary segment of my road and journey. Co-creating all of the fascinating services that ClareShale and I channeled from the Universe last year was like nothing I had ever before dreamed or conceived of, and it has been absolutely instrumental in my own growth.
I have equally enjoyed being a witness for ClareShale’s transformation in all of this – she is a powerful shaman and leader – and of course I have been so honored and blessed to enjoy the growth and forward movement of our amazing clients. Our clients, truly, have been more astonishing than I could ever have hoped for – and to you, dear clients, I also say – oh my goodness – from the deepest well of my heart….I could never thank you enough for being You. I love you! ♥
If you like, you can reach me at:astra@emerge-embrace.com– or friend me/message me on my AstraSpider BizShaman page, https://www.facebook.com/astraspider.

I would absolutely love to keep in touch!
Again my new business, which I have been lovingly creating and growing, is EMERGE: Embrace Your Truth, where I support you in stepping into your power! http://emerge-embrace.com/
I would love for you to Like my new FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/EMERGE-Embrace-Your-Truth/235849573166931
And follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/EmergeEmbrace
Thank you all so much! ♥
Astra Spider
Shaman and Mentor

Life’s a Beach – If You Want it!

by Astra Spider

I couldn’t resist the reference to this fun, vintage motto from the 80’s!

But it’s true. Life’s a Beach – if you intend for it to be one!

We create our day-to-day living from what we decide to be, do, and act upon in every moment.

What if we all decided to relax, regroup and enjoy?

I remember many a hot summer’s day of childhood spent at Lake Michigan – the coolness of her magic waters, the warmth from the sun – the sudden gray of the sky as the sun would temporarily disappear behind the clouds. Laying on a blanket waiting for the golden light to reappear. The tropical scent of 70’s suntan lotion flowing through the air.

There was not much to worry about. There still isn’t. If we want it.

Relaxing, resting, playing. My favorite was to turn cartwheels in the wet sand at the shore over and over, and then turn around and look back at the prints that were made by hands and feet – hands and feet….and then, go get a treat from the ice-cream truck, or a snow cone from one of the vendors with their cool snow-cone vending bicycle contraptions – choosing the flavors and watching the bright colors of the syrup fill the frosty cone with beauty.

Now again I am deciding, in the energy of resting, relaxing, playing – I want it.

My Life’s a Beach. Is yours? Tell us all about it!



Integrity, Integration

by Astra Spider


Presently in my life Integrity is about doing what I know to be right in my heart for my Self.

And what I know to be right in my heart for my Self means three things. One is making the choice to be happy. Two is taking action to implement all of the amazingness I have created in my current life – the amazingness waiting just behind the curtains for the big reveal. And three is flowing constantly and consistently towards my Dreams – my joy-instilled goals.

I have the knowledge to write about these things. I have the wherewithal to teach and coach others how to be in Integrity on their own path with these things.

My challenge: Integrating these things into my own life on a daily basis, even when things feel hard – even when I feel like giving up.

With a business currently in transition, and being in the state of letting go of everything up till now (so I may experience the pure state of manifesting what I am creating in the present moment), I am experiencing the daily challenge of remembering.

Remembering that all of this experience is beautiful – remembering that manifesting works best when our emotional state is clear and clean of past residue – remembering that the Dreams I am flowing towards are already here – it is simply for me to allow my Self to flow into their waiting embrace.

To be in my Integrity, I know I must integrate the state of trust, and embrace the state of knowing my truth. To be in my Integrity I know I must truly feel my power, and love my whole self – the yin and the yang – and to allow my voice to be free and sing what I need to sing.

Thank you all for being my witnesses.


Astra Spider

Bringing in What’s All Around

by ClareShale Mountain Star

This New Year is bringing fresh hope to so many people – it seems as though everywhere I turn I see big plans, new adventures and revitalization. With each of these newly seeded visions comes an opportunity to engage with life’s boundaries once again. All over the world people are feeling, stretching and confronting what they had perceived as possible. They are preparing their vision seeds for germination by expanding their reality to include what once was unimaginable.

Here are a few 2012 visions that I have heard so far: People are inviting health into their bodies by giving up watching television, going to bed earlier, eating pure foods. People are starting brand new business ventures, expanding their existing businesses and changing fields completely. People are starting new families, having children and re-committing to their partners. Wow! That’s just a small portion of the people I know.

What is it that you want to create this year? What visions are ready to blossom and grow within you this time around the sun? Are you ready to open to deeper levels of Love? Relationship? Integrity? Health? Wealth? Contentment? What seeds have been planted in your mind?

As you orient yourself to the future – dreaming and creating the wonderful things you intend – do you have a sense of unlimited possibility? Do you feel the unique intelligence of all that exists within you? How about the universal abundance that exists in the world “outside” of your mind, emotions and body? The coming together of these forces are part the miracle of vision-manifestation – just as the coming together of seed, water, warmth and soil are part of the miracle of Life.

Your vision has its own intelligence, just like a seed, and has been kept safe inside your soul within its protective outer layer until conditions proved just right. Your vision-seed knows that outside of that protective layer you will find an abundance of all that is needed to grow and thrive.

Perhaps you have already broken through that outer layer, and are finding that opportunities for growth and success are indeed abundant and surround you continually. Or, perhaps you are finding that breaking through is a challenge for your mind – you wonder, is it really possible? Does what I need to thrive and be happy really exist in the world?

The truth is that you have your own specific vision because you are ready. If you are coming up against a limit that feels impossible to overcome (like that outer protective layer for the seed), it is a good sign that you are about to take on a new challenge and grow in ways that will ultimately support the future success of your vision-seed.

Opportunities for growth and newness present themselves on a daily basis. It is through identifying and willingly engaging with these special moments that your consciousness expands and breaks through to new levels of possibility, thereby creating your vision seed as a viable part of our beloved world.


Congratulations and a big thank-you to all of you who are willing to nurture and hold your visions for the future. Bringing life to what is within you is truly the most important work of all. I wish you unlimited growth and success in all your endeavors this year.


Astra Spider & ClareShale Mountain Star: 


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