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Thank You All, So Much! From Astra

Hello all – Astra here!
I just wanted to let you know, I am stepping away from my role at Abundant Heart Center to give my energy to my new business, EMERGE: Embrace Your Truth.
Abundant Heart has been a very necessary segment of my road and journey. Co-creating all of the fascinating services that ClareShale and I channeled from the Universe last year was like nothing I had ever before dreamed or conceived of, and it has been absolutely instrumental in my own growth.
I have equally enjoyed being a witness for ClareShale’s transformation in all of this – she is a powerful shaman and leader – and of course I have been so honored and blessed to enjoy the growth and forward movement of our amazing clients. Our clients, truly, have been more astonishing than I could ever have hoped for – and to you, dear clients, I also say – oh my goodness – from the deepest well of my heart….I could never thank you enough for being You. I love you! ♥
If you like, you can reach me at:astra@emerge-embrace.com– or friend me/message me on my AstraSpider BizShaman page, https://www.facebook.com/astraspider.

I would absolutely love to keep in touch!
Again my new business, which I have been lovingly creating and growing, is EMERGE: Embrace Your Truth, where I support you in stepping into your power! http://emerge-embrace.com/
I would love for you to Like my new FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/EMERGE-Embrace-Your-Truth/235849573166931
And follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/EmergeEmbrace
Thank you all so much! ♥
Astra Spider
Shaman and Mentor

Life’s a Beach – If You Want it!

by Astra Spider

I couldn’t resist the reference to this fun, vintage motto from the 80’s!

But it’s true. Life’s a Beach – if you intend for it to be one!

We create our day-to-day living from what we decide to be, do, and act upon in every moment.

What if we all decided to relax, regroup and enjoy?

I remember many a hot summer’s day of childhood spent at Lake Michigan – the coolness of her magic waters, the warmth from the sun – the sudden gray of the sky as the sun would temporarily disappear behind the clouds. Laying on a blanket waiting for the golden light to reappear. The tropical scent of 70’s suntan lotion flowing through the air.

There was not much to worry about. There still isn’t. If we want it.

Relaxing, resting, playing. My favorite was to turn cartwheels in the wet sand at the shore over and over, and then turn around and look back at the prints that were made by hands and feet – hands and feet….and then, go get a treat from the ice-cream truck, or a snow cone from one of the vendors with their cool snow-cone vending bicycle contraptions – choosing the flavors and watching the bright colors of the syrup fill the frosty cone with beauty.

Now again I am deciding, in the energy of resting, relaxing, playing – I want it.

My Life’s a Beach. Is yours? Tell us all about it!



Quietude in Music

by Astra Spider

It can be seen as ironic that one of the things that brings me to stillness is music. Logically, music is the opposite of quiet – as it is made up of sound.

Energetically, however, everything is energy and has energy – including “quiet”!

And being brought into the energy of quiet allows for dreaming – and dreaming allows for creating – and music is one of the most innately creative things made by a soul.

So, intuitively, it doesn’t surprise me at all that the mesmerism of certain melodies often brings me deepest into the sound of silence.

A song which pops instantly to mind when feeling into the stillness of music is “Pandora” by the Cocteau Twins.

Listening to Pandora brings me directly into a state of feeling lightly blanketed by a sprinkling of snow in afternoon sunlight – only it is not a cold snow. It is tepid, healing, perfect; the illumination of the sparkle of each flake echoing through the mirrors of my soul.

This song performs a Soul Retrieval (a form of shamanic healing) on me each time I allow myself to fully relax into the harmonizing care of its trance.

I am snow. I am silence. I am the sun.

What brings you into your state of stillness?



Astra Spider & ClareShale Mountain Star: 


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A Deep and Abiding Love for Bees and Raw Honey

ClareShale speaks from the heart:

When contemplating the bees and enjoying the feeling of being present in gratitude for all that they do for us, many spiritual truths are brought to life.

In choosing just one to focus on today, what comes to mind is – Abundance.  

We see Abundance demonstrated in the perfect way that bees collect their sustenance in beauty, from beauty; fully connected in community, individually brilliant and powerfully self-directed.

The bees’ gift to the earth is the propogation of green life. Their gifts to humans and animals are many and complex; however perhaps their most delicious gift is the production of the miraculous and magical: honey.

If you and I were to sit down and chat, it would only be a matter of time before I started talking about the many uses of raw honey. I might even share with you a story of how I used honey to cure my child’s sore throat overnight!

In the spirit of preparation for our future chat, let me share with you some awesome facts….Did you know that:

* Raw honey contains anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. 

* When collected from local sources, consuming raw honey can decrease symptoms of seasonal allergies as it introduces pollen to the human body in small amounts helping to gently accustom the body to what might otherwise cause a more intense reaction.  

* Raw honey has helpful bacteria (probiotics) that support human and bee health while decreasing the presence of harmful bacteria.

* Raw honey can be used as a cough suppressant, immune system stimulant, dressing for wounds, promotes excellent blood sugar control and is just super-yummy.

* Note – cooking or heating honey lessens or completely destroys these awesome qualities – it’s totally worth it to purchase the raw honey from your local farmer’s market. Let me know if you want support finding a good source!  

Enjoy this quote from fellow honey enthusiast:

‘ “Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best –“…and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was called.’

Bringing in What’s All Around

by ClareShale Mountain Star

This New Year is bringing fresh hope to so many people – it seems as though everywhere I turn I see big plans, new adventures and revitalization. With each of these newly seeded visions comes an opportunity to engage with life’s boundaries once again. All over the world people are feeling, stretching and confronting what they had perceived as possible. They are preparing their vision seeds for germination by expanding their reality to include what once was unimaginable.

Here are a few 2012 visions that I have heard so far: People are inviting health into their bodies by giving up watching television, going to bed earlier, eating pure foods. People are starting brand new business ventures, expanding their existing businesses and changing fields completely. People are starting new families, having children and re-committing to their partners. Wow! That’s just a small portion of the people I know.

What is it that you want to create this year? What visions are ready to blossom and grow within you this time around the sun? Are you ready to open to deeper levels of Love? Relationship? Integrity? Health? Wealth? Contentment? What seeds have been planted in your mind?

As you orient yourself to the future – dreaming and creating the wonderful things you intend – do you have a sense of unlimited possibility? Do you feel the unique intelligence of all that exists within you? How about the universal abundance that exists in the world “outside” of your mind, emotions and body? The coming together of these forces are part the miracle of vision-manifestation – just as the coming together of seed, water, warmth and soil are part of the miracle of Life.

Your vision has its own intelligence, just like a seed, and has been kept safe inside your soul within its protective outer layer until conditions proved just right. Your vision-seed knows that outside of that protective layer you will find an abundance of all that is needed to grow and thrive.

Perhaps you have already broken through that outer layer, and are finding that opportunities for growth and success are indeed abundant and surround you continually. Or, perhaps you are finding that breaking through is a challenge for your mind – you wonder, is it really possible? Does what I need to thrive and be happy really exist in the world?

The truth is that you have your own specific vision because you are ready. If you are coming up against a limit that feels impossible to overcome (like that outer protective layer for the seed), it is a good sign that you are about to take on a new challenge and grow in ways that will ultimately support the future success of your vision-seed.

Opportunities for growth and newness present themselves on a daily basis. It is through identifying and willingly engaging with these special moments that your consciousness expands and breaks through to new levels of possibility, thereby creating your vision seed as a viable part of our beloved world.


Congratulations and a big thank-you to all of you who are willing to nurture and hold your visions for the future. Bringing life to what is within you is truly the most important work of all. I wish you unlimited growth and success in all your endeavors this year.


Astra Spider & ClareShale Mountain Star: 


Abundant Heart: Manifest Your Dreams


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To Judge or Not to Judge…I Choose Not to….

by Astra Spider

I have been “accused” of, and judged about, seeing only what I want to see.

This makes me smile. The statement is not accurate. But I do understand how it may seem this way!

The reason for this judgment is due to the Order in which I perceive things – it’s not that I see some things and do not see others; it’s that I first see the essence of a person or situation. And this essence is always beautiful.

This does not mean that I don’t notice underlying “issues” or darkness – it means that I am not bothered by these things. One of Earth’s “rules” has been: There can be no light without darkness. We would not know what to call light, had we not also witnessed the dark.

I embrace the beauty of both.

Now as the Universe is shifting and expanding, and more light is coming in, I feel it in my body – there is an almost constant vibrational buzz. I am told by the Universe this will be calming down a bit after the new year begins…that the shifts will continue, but that we will be feeling them in a more slow, flowing manner – rather than these almost shocking jumps and starts that I have heard many folks talking about – and that I myself have been experiencing.

With these Universal shifts come new perceptions.

My experience for some time, as I said, has been to see the essence of a person or situation – and love it for its beauty. However, the “old earth” aspect of my perception was that there was often still judgement attached. I would see and love the beauty, but then would fall into the old mind-chatter of judging the reasons why a person did what they did, or why something happened a certain way.

The new way that has been blossoming in me is that I no longer identify with the old way of judgment. This doesn’t mean I don’t “care” if something unhelpful is happening, or that I allow unhelpful people to enter my domain. I take care of my energy. But, no matter what is happening around me, it is not for me to judge. Judgment is a block to abundance – so I will no longer have judgment in my life or in my heart. This is my choice.

And when anyone judges me, it makes me smile – for I see that I am being a mirror for whatever they need to work out inside themselves – and that is their responsibility.


Astra Spider & ClareShale Mountain Star: 


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Spider Meditation

Many of you know of Astra’s Spider medicine. This week she is moved to share a quick Spider Meditation with you all – a meditation of Creation.

Sit in a relaxed position, breathing in and out comfortably and evenly. Visualize or feel yourself creating your Golden Web around you, with you in the center. Ask your heart – “What do I want to create in my life?” Receive your answer.

Request of your heart: “Please show me the symbol that represents this new creation.”

See/feel/experience this symbol. When you have the symbol, bring it in to your Golden Web. Wrap it up with your Golden Thread to keep it safe in your web. Know that the seed of your Creation has been planted, and you need only relax and let it unfold in its perfect time.

Learning From the Pros – A Night at Victory Gardens Theater

by ClareShale Mountain Star – Abundant Heart’s Roving Shamanic Reporter

Oh wow – this past Monday night was the best! Astra and I have been so excited to check out Victory Gardens Theater, where our awesome client Jeremy Glickstein will be performing in “Waiting For Lefty” by Clifford Odets. (The show runs through October 2 so be sure to get your tickets!) We had the opportunity on Monday to attend the welcome reception and rocking presentation of Victory Gardens’ new Artistic Director, Chay Yew. The theater was lovely, the crowd was gracious and the refreshments were of course divine – however the best part was hearing Chay’s vision forward for what he would like the Victory Gardens Theater to be for Chicago: A meeting hall for the diverse communities of our city to come together and begin a dialogue. His hope is that through championing new works, diversity and young writers, bridges can be built using the transformational nature of theater. He is taking such a beautiful stand for healing in our city. Here’s Chay, third from the left, with other directors and artists talking about plans for the future:Another highlight for us was hearing poet Kevin Coval read from his new book,L-Vis Lives. It was so great to hear him share about growing up in the suburbs of Chicago during the 80’s and 90’s. I guess it’s because all those memories of early hip-hop and trendy breakfast cereal seem for me to be hidden inside my own heart – but there he was, weaving my memories into a stunning piece of poetry. Check out his website:http://kevincoval.com/kc/.

One last thing to share about our evening….We had a great chat with a Chicago actor who shared with us the title of a book (which you may be familiar with if you’ve studied acting): The Actor and The Target by Declan Donnellan. I definitely want to pick it up soon – but in the meantime there was one point that stood out during our conversation. Donnellan explains that there is no actor with greater talent or lesser talent – there are only performers who are less blocked or more blocked. He writes in the introduction: “The talent is always pumping away, like the circulation of the blood. We just have to dissolve the clot.” (p.6) That piece of advice is something I try to remember and apply in my life as a mother and shaman – I have everything I need in each and every moment, all there is for me to do is remove what is no longer helpful – what is not me, and I see the Truth: That the Universe is full of beauty and abundance and I am an integral part of that.

All in all it was a wonderful evening of sharing, learning and connecting. We are so glad we attended the event, and really look forward to some excellent theater this year from Victory Gardens!

ClareShale Mountain Star  – Empowerment Shaman


My Soul’s Purpose – by ClareShale Mountain Star

My soul's purpose is to heal the earth.

Being in gratitude, spreading that wave across the human energy field

Through music writing singing dancing living laughing loving.

Joy Peace Truth Life Love Eternity

Front Side Back around in circles

from the deep blue ocean to the shimmery cloudy peaks...

Our earth our home

in all her splendor.

Being One with her expansive nature

and intricate working power.

My soul's purpose is to heal the earth

and live in full awareness of her gleam.

To uncover and unfold her gems

her sunshiny pearls,

to live and play in her waves.

My soul's purpose is to heal the earth,

let my consciousness expand

to encompass the entire earth and atmosphere -

then simply be present and make art.

I am part of the earth's consciousness.

She creates art through me.

This is how I am a part of her healing.

Every living thing - Plant Animal Mineral - unfolds with love

Art is created as a means to support this unfolding

Art holds the vibration of

Universal Love.

A Relaxed State of Abundance

Have you ever noticed that the harder you struggle, the harder it is to succeed?

This is true in many instances.

The more you focus on what you don’t have, the harder it is to get what you desire.

The more you think about how annoying your (co-workers, boss, in-laws, etc.) are, the harder it is to welcome them and accept that they are human just as you.

This illustrates that what is forced is not natural. That the way to open to the flow of the “good life” is by doing just that. Opening. Allowing. This is done from a relaxed state of knowing you already have everything you need.

Knowing that what you want, combined with a balance of relaxation and gentle movement forward, is the path to abundance.

Passion plus peace.

Excitement meets inner calm.

When we follow our dreams and allow the flow to take us towards our goals, we emit the energy of trust. Trust allows us to arrive at our destinations at an accelerated rate rather than feeling all the stops and starts and blocks that begin within our chattering minds and unrestful thoughts.

So what do you want to create today? Breathe your dream into your heart and ride your soul slowly down the river of abundance.


Astra Spider and ClareShale Mountain Star

Abundant Heart: Breakthrough Transformation for Creative Professionals





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