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How My Mind Learned to Love Simplicity

by ClareShale Mountain Star

I’ve been interested lately in the more simplistic elements of life; I love that they are so easy to achieve and enjoy. A simple meal of soup and bread, a simple gathering with a few friends, a simple melody, my favorite jeans. Those are all pretty basic, but so deeply enjoyable.

On a spiritual level, Simplicity is currently my quest. I’m finding that walking my path with Simplicity is a very interesting challenge. In my experience simplicity at its core consists of being in the Present Moment. Nothing is required of me in that place but to be aware. No doing, thinking, planning – just awareness. This seems like it should be easy to achieve and enjoy (like the jeans), but wow – it’s so much more of a journey than that.

Being Present is of course an experience that connects all seekers on the path of “enlightenment”; practices to support experiencing Present moment awareness have been handed down from teacher to student for centuries. I love thinking about how this state is our birthright and as children we are just there already – it reminds me of that story about Jesus telling his followers that they needed to be as little children to enter the “Kingdom of God.”

About 8 or 9 months ago I came to a new level in my process of consciously creating my life. I realized that I had not taken the time to really deeply consider what my inner being actually wanted to create; it was like there was a dis-connect between my Heart and Mind. When I finally checked in with my Heart to find out what was there and ready to be brought into the world I received an answer that was very simple; my heart wanted my being to “Be Present.” Up until that point I had been endeavoring to create a life that resonated only with what my mind and personality wanted – it was very external and not Simple at all!

I wanted to be in Maui, I wanted to create a sustainable community, I wanted to have chickens in my yard, etc. It seems funny to think about it now, but that was what I was making my whole life about. Those very external things. The truth is that without looking within to find the true desires of my heart and soul, I would still be searching for the next thing and the next, no matter how awesome my sustainable home in Maui was. True happiness would have been just out of reach.

I’m so glad that I took the time to find and consciously connect with the Intention of my heart. My dream home will still be built, my vacations in Maui will be great and my chickens are going to be amazing, but enjoying those wonderful experiences is no longer what my life is all about.

My simple Intention for living in each moment is to Be Present – a challenge to be sure – but an Intention that I find deepens each day. Thank you Heart for sharing your deep wisdom with my dear friend: Mind.

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