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Thank You All, So Much! From Astra

Hello all – Astra here!
I just wanted to let you know, I am stepping away from my role at Abundant Heart Center to give my energy to my new business, EMERGE: Embrace Your Truth.
Abundant Heart has been a very necessary segment of my road and journey. Co-creating all of the fascinating services that ClareShale and I channeled from the Universe last year was like nothing I had ever before dreamed or conceived of, and it has been absolutely instrumental in my own growth.
I have equally enjoyed being a witness for ClareShale’s transformation in all of this – she is a powerful shaman and leader – and of course I have been so honored and blessed to enjoy the growth and forward movement of our amazing clients. Our clients, truly, have been more astonishing than I could ever have hoped for – and to you, dear clients, I also say – oh my goodness – from the deepest well of my heart….I could never thank you enough for being You. I love you! ♥
If you like, you can reach me at:astra@emerge-embrace.com– or friend me/message me on my AstraSpider BizShaman page, https://www.facebook.com/astraspider.

I would absolutely love to keep in touch!
Again my new business, which I have been lovingly creating and growing, is EMERGE: Embrace Your Truth, where I support you in stepping into your power! http://emerge-embrace.com/
I would love for you to Like my new FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/EMERGE-Embrace-Your-Truth/235849573166931
And follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/EmergeEmbrace
Thank you all so much! ♥
Astra Spider
Shaman and Mentor

Life’s a Beach – If You Want it!

by Astra Spider

I couldn’t resist the reference to this fun, vintage motto from the 80’s!

But it’s true. Life’s a Beach – if you intend for it to be one!

We create our day-to-day living from what we decide to be, do, and act upon in every moment.

What if we all decided to relax, regroup and enjoy?

I remember many a hot summer’s day of childhood spent at Lake Michigan – the coolness of her magic waters, the warmth from the sun – the sudden gray of the sky as the sun would temporarily disappear behind the clouds. Laying on a blanket waiting for the golden light to reappear. The tropical scent of 70’s suntan lotion flowing through the air.

There was not much to worry about. There still isn’t. If we want it.

Relaxing, resting, playing. My favorite was to turn cartwheels in the wet sand at the shore over and over, and then turn around and look back at the prints that were made by hands and feet – hands and feet….and then, go get a treat from the ice-cream truck, or a snow cone from one of the vendors with their cool snow-cone vending bicycle contraptions – choosing the flavors and watching the bright colors of the syrup fill the frosty cone with beauty.

Now again I am deciding, in the energy of resting, relaxing, playing – I want it.

My Life’s a Beach. Is yours? Tell us all about it!



Our Dearest Henry

by ClareShale Mountain Star

While at the pet store this past fall with my family, my 6-year-old daughter had an encounter with a puppy which has shaped her and stayed with her for all these months, and I imagine for many more to come – possibly even her entire life.

We were wandering through the store checking all the animals out, when she came to me with tears in her eyes. “That little puppy is all by himself – he’s all alone!” She was legitimately full-on crying in the store as she pulled me over to his cage. We decided to ask for a visit with him even though we knew we couldn’t take him home.

She and this puppy were amazing together. He was soooooo excited to be with her, I could instantly feel their connection.  What a little love he was! Jumping all around, licking her face, puking on the floor and eating it up, laying on the ground. To be honest, I’ve never seen anything like it. We did in the end, have to say good bye to him, holding his memory forever in our hearts.

We found out through animal communication that his name is “Henry.” So we often talk about him, imagine him in his new home with his forever family and just know that he can feel our love even though were far apart. Just last night, as a matter of fact, we were sending him love and remembering him while getting ready for bed. She has a stuffed dog that looks just like him, a great cuddle-buddy.

Some day we hope to meet him at a park or on the beach, or maybe it won’t be until we meet “over the rainbow bridge” as they say. In any case, the two of them will always be together in spirit. Thank you Henry, wherever you are!


A Deep and Abiding Love for Bees and Raw Honey

ClareShale speaks from the heart:

When contemplating the bees and enjoying the feeling of being present in gratitude for all that they do for us, many spiritual truths are brought to life.

In choosing just one to focus on today, what comes to mind is – Abundance.  

We see Abundance demonstrated in the perfect way that bees collect their sustenance in beauty, from beauty; fully connected in community, individually brilliant and powerfully self-directed.

The bees’ gift to the earth is the propogation of green life. Their gifts to humans and animals are many and complex; however perhaps their most delicious gift is the production of the miraculous and magical: honey.

If you and I were to sit down and chat, it would only be a matter of time before I started talking about the many uses of raw honey. I might even share with you a story of how I used honey to cure my child’s sore throat overnight!

In the spirit of preparation for our future chat, let me share with you some awesome facts….Did you know that:

* Raw honey contains anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. 

* When collected from local sources, consuming raw honey can decrease symptoms of seasonal allergies as it introduces pollen to the human body in small amounts helping to gently accustom the body to what might otherwise cause a more intense reaction.  

* Raw honey has helpful bacteria (probiotics) that support human and bee health while decreasing the presence of harmful bacteria.

* Raw honey can be used as a cough suppressant, immune system stimulant, dressing for wounds, promotes excellent blood sugar control and is just super-yummy.

* Note – cooking or heating honey lessens or completely destroys these awesome qualities – it’s totally worth it to purchase the raw honey from your local farmer’s market. Let me know if you want support finding a good source!  

Enjoy this quote from fellow honey enthusiast:

‘ “Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best –“…and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was called.’

Love Each Day as a “Holy Day”

by Astra Spider

Here are my holiday thoughts – and many of you already do this – but, it crossed my mind today that we can give ourselves permission to celebrate each day – love our lives in each moment.

I observe people who stress being happy on the holidays, so much so that they are stressed out over being happy on the holidays!

I encourage you to think of every day as a holi-day, or Holy Day.

Rather than be grateful on Thanksgiving, be grateful each minute.

Rather than celebrate fellowship, friends and family on your “holiday of choice that falls nearest to the Winter Solstice,” have a daily party in your heart and dance with love for your BFF’s and your favorite blood kin and your soul mates all year round!

Rather than celebrate new beginnings at the start of the new Year, why not re-birth and re-define yourself daily, even hourly as you see fit – and as feels great in your heart, soul and Whole Self.

I am not dissing the holidays – if you love them and celebrate them, that is fabulous! Definitely include them in your dance of Joy!

I’m just saying – integrate that joyous cornucopia of happiness into your very cells, so that it weaves continuously into the daily quilt of your life – the gorgeous quilt you are creating every fantastic minute of each superb day.

Sweet Love!


Astra Spider & ClareShale Mountain Star: 


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How My Mind Learned to Love Simplicity

by ClareShale Mountain Star

I’ve been interested lately in the more simplistic elements of life; I love that they are so easy to achieve and enjoy. A simple meal of soup and bread, a simple gathering with a few friends, a simple melody, my favorite jeans. Those are all pretty basic, but so deeply enjoyable.

On a spiritual level, Simplicity is currently my quest. I’m finding that walking my path with Simplicity is a very interesting challenge. In my experience simplicity at its core consists of being in the Present Moment. Nothing is required of me in that place but to be aware. No doing, thinking, planning – just awareness. This seems like it should be easy to achieve and enjoy (like the jeans), but wow – it’s so much more of a journey than that.

Being Present is of course an experience that connects all seekers on the path of “enlightenment”; practices to support experiencing Present moment awareness have been handed down from teacher to student for centuries. I love thinking about how this state is our birthright and as children we are just there already – it reminds me of that story about Jesus telling his followers that they needed to be as little children to enter the “Kingdom of God.”

About 8 or 9 months ago I came to a new level in my process of consciously creating my life. I realized that I had not taken the time to really deeply consider what my inner being actually wanted to create; it was like there was a dis-connect between my Heart and Mind. When I finally checked in with my Heart to find out what was there and ready to be brought into the world I received an answer that was very simple; my heart wanted my being to “Be Present.” Up until that point I had been endeavoring to create a life that resonated only with what my mind and personality wanted – it was very external and not Simple at all!

I wanted to be in Maui, I wanted to create a sustainable community, I wanted to have chickens in my yard, etc. It seems funny to think about it now, but that was what I was making my whole life about. Those very external things. The truth is that without looking within to find the true desires of my heart and soul, I would still be searching for the next thing and the next, no matter how awesome my sustainable home in Maui was. True happiness would have been just out of reach.

I’m so glad that I took the time to find and consciously connect with the Intention of my heart. My dream home will still be built, my vacations in Maui will be great and my chickens are going to be amazing, but enjoying those wonderful experiences is no longer what my life is all about.

My simple Intention for living in each moment is to Be Present – a challenge to be sure – but an Intention that I find deepens each day. Thank you Heart for sharing your deep wisdom with my dear friend: Mind.

Please add your comments here, we’d love to hear from you!
Astra Spider & ClareShale Mountain Star: THE EMPOWERMENT SHAMANS

Claiming My Spirit-Centered Christmas

by ClareShale Mountain Star

As a teen my perception of the Christmas celebration was skewed dramatically by the gross consumer obsession that I saw reflected in the gift-giving traditions of my culture. I rebelled against this perception that I had of Christmas as much as I could, making dramatic anti-consumerism cards and sculptures as gifts for my parents.

In general the holidays were a stressful and anxiety-filled time for me because I was so busy protesting it all. (Which was of course the perfect thing for me to be doing at that point in time; I was doing my job as a Teen!)

When I began my own family, though, I began to soften my opinion; and especially as I deepened my awareness of the ancient pagan roots of the holiday, I really started to wonder what it might mean for me in my adult life to celebrate Christmas.

Having small children, as you may be aware, tends to make deep contemplation of historical, philosophical, cultural and spiritual phenomena a bit challenging. This is especially true around the Christmas season when there are a thousand things to do. Basically, for me, up until now it has been all about “Christmas Survival.”

This year though, I am finding, is different – because my kids are actually getting older.  No one is potty-training and everyone sleeps through the night in their own bed! Now it is truly possible for me to think about a subject for more than five minutes at a time; and Christmas is even more important than ever, because all the kids are Aware that it’s happening – so I’m needing to step up my game!

I know it seems like I’m yammering on, and I kind of am, so I will get to my point.

With all the traditions, reasons to celebrate and ways to move through this time, I am feeling so happy about being able to “Focus with Intention” on the parts that resonate most with me. There are many different kinds of holiday energies floating around out there right now. I’m finding it takes a bit of effort for me to stay grounded with my actions, awareness and even finances all geared towards celebrating Christmas in a way that really resonates with me and my family, but it’s so worth it.

This is our first year lighting an Advent Wreath; the kids are so excited to light the candles. My 4 year-old is especially thrilled with the whole idea…it’s just so super-cute to see them get geared up for such a seemingly simple act. I know for them the season holds an incredible magic.

I am thankful that I can relax and explore Christmas a bit this year, and I am so thrilled to find that I have the inner resources to discover what is special for me about this time amidst all the possibilities.

Good Yule!


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